Sandstone is a clasticsedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized (0.0625 to 2 mm) mineral particlesor rockfragments.

Most sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar becausethey are the most resistant minerals to weathering processesat the Earth's surface, as seen in Bowen's reaction series. Likeuncemented sand,sandstone may be any color due to impurities within the minerals, but the mostcommon colors are tan, brown, yellow, red, grey, pink, white, and black. Since sandstone beds often form highly visible cliffs and other topographic features,certain colors of sandstone have been strongly identified with certain regions.

Types of sandstone : All sandstones are composed of the same general minerals.These minerals make up the framework components of the sandstones. Suchcomponents are quartz, feldspars, andlithic fragments.  

Using: Sandstone has been used for domesticconstruction and housewares since prehistoric times, and continues to be used.

Sandstone was a popular building materialfrom ancient times. It is relatively soft, making it easy to carve. It has beenwidely used around the world in constructing temples, homes, and otherbuildings. Ithas also been used for artistic purposes to create ornamental fountains andstatues.

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